Do you have a child who is struggling with transition or separation? Does he have difficulty following directions? Why won’t he stay on the mat for circle time?

This 2 ½ hour workshop is unique opportunity to see how our Music Therapist and Speech Pathologist are working together to support children in the classroom. You will be provided with a developmental overview including elements on how this impacts on self-regulation, behaviour and learning. Following this evening you will walk away with a custom made song!

RSVP: by 1st August

Ph: 9383 7733

Language with Music (Teachers)

Workshops for early childhood educators and Prep Teachers
Run by Betty Mihelakos and Trish Dearn
10. August 2016
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Cost:      $90
Where: Melbourne Kids Developmental Services, at Northern Speech Pathology, 77 Holmes St, East Brunswick

Learn to Play

Workshops for Parents and Professionals
Run by Prof. Karen Stagnitti
Back in 2017

Do you often wonder what your children are doing when they play? Find out how play develops, why play is important for your child’s development and why it is important for learning. The program/workshop/course is a mix of information, video clips, and discussion on the importance of play for children. The type of play that is looked at in more detail is imaginative play or pretend play.